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Come See Our Booth at the Adams County Fair 

July 24th - 27th

First Monday of the Month @ 5:00 PM

Adams County Republican Central Committee Meeting

Council Courthouse Jury Room

Volunteers & Visitors WELCOME!

Join with Your Neighbors
Get Involved Locally

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Impact Your Community!


Help make a difference


There are many ways to volunteer,

from walking door to door to hosting fundraising events.

Here are ways you can help:


Have a favorite candidate? Let us know and we'll do our best to arrange a personal get-together!


Many hands make light work. We have much to do to save our Constitutional Republic! Come join us at our monthly meetings and volunteer!


Even small donations help. All proceeds go to support Local, and State conservative candidates. 

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Chairman ACRCC and Precinct 6 Little Salmon Committeeman - Keith Markley


I am privileged to serve as ACRCC                  chairman and am grateful for the growing    team serving in Adams County endeavoring  to help the Republican Party help Idaho.


I believe that we live in one of the very best states in the very best country, although I am very concerned about the direction of both. I believe that if we can lay hold of the values and principles that our founding fathers passed on to us we have a chance to reestablish the greatness of our beloved State and Nation. ​

Al partain.JPG

Vice-Chairman ACRCC - Al Partain

 For many years now I have been very concerned about the direction our great nation has been heading. I believe in a strong foundation of grass roots level government holding the power with the federal level working for us: “OF the people, BY the people, FOR the people.” Reclaiming our country, holding our values, and holding to the original basis of our country’s ethics can help get us back on track. As a veteran and a staunch supporter of what our forefathers put in the original documents that built our country, I am proud to say I live in Adams County and stand as a member of the republican team.

Jerry Yantis.jpg

Precinct 1 Indian Valley Committeeman                      Jerry Yantis

I'm a pretty quiet person and I don't      spout my ideas too often; but I am a      committed Republican and a staunch    defender of traditional conservative        values.  I enjoy living in a small rural area and support the minimizing of federal overreach and the localization of government.


 Precinct 2 Council Committeeman                           Greg Vergari

I'm concerned about the state of the union and how far  from the Constitutional  Republic  we have moved. I support a small Federal government, returning control to state and   local governments and restoring the checks and balances the founding fathers intended. 

Getting involved locally is the best way I know how to begin to affect those changes.

Precinct 3 North Council Committeewoman

Jennie Jensen

I am excited to be involved in our local Republivan Committee and I believe that making a difference locally will make the biggest impact. I am pro life, pro gun, and pro free speech. If we don't stand up now we will lose those rights and Ameria will no longer be the greatest country.

Kevin Roach.jpg

State Committeeman - Kevin Roach


 I am a life-long conservative, an Adams County resident and a graduate of the University of Idaho with a BS degree in Mining Engineering. I am proud to serve our committee as State Committeeman. I believe strongly in the US Constitution and the individual freedoms and liberties it protects as well as the limits it places on our government. I also believe that these gifts must be defended and not taken for granted or they will surely be taken away. Working with Republicans at the local and state level is the best way I know how to do my part.


Precinct 5 New Meadows                      Committeewoman, & 2nd Vice-Chair for IDGOP - Viki Purdy


As a native Idahoan who has lived in     New Meadows for many years, I have a deep appreciation for our state and all those who call Adams County their home. My husband Dana and I have worked side-by-side as dairy farmers, raising a family and growing a successful business.  In addition, I have held numerous political and community leadership roles. I am Pro-Gun, Pro-Life, and Pro-Liberty. I will always uphold and defend our Constitution and the rights and freedoms which it recognizes.

State Youth Committeeman

Owen Ivey


I feel very grateful to be able to serve the Adams County Republican Central Committee as the State Youth Committeeman. I have always had a passion for protecting our conservative values and educating others of the current happenings in govenrment. While in my first year of ocllege, I stated up a Turning Point USA chapter to spread conservative ideas across campus and gained so much knowledge for that. I am a proud supporter of the US Constitution and believe governments are created solely to preserve our God given rights to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.             

Christy .jpg

Treasurer/Secretary & State Committeewoman - Christy Roach


I am honored to serve as our                  committee's Secretary and                      Treasurer, where I have been a                member since 2012.  I am a proud          mother of two and grandmother of four. Being a life-long resident of Adams County, I am passionate about conserving our way of life in rural Idaho as well as the conservative values of our nation's founding fathers. 

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