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Stealing the Quarterback

What many people fail to realize is that the Republican Party is an organization whose involvement in (i.e. voting, holding office, etc.) requires membership. In this case, membership means voter registration as a Republican.

The Republican Party has a well-stated conservative platform. Currently, people registering or affiliating with the Republican Party presumably agree in whole, or at least large part, with the ideals laid out in the platform. Moreover, people intending to run for office as a Republican should do the same and can be held accountable.

With Open Primaries and Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) a candidate can lie and claim any affiliation he or she chooses with no accountability to that party's platform. These initiatives are being pushed in Idaho by left leaning progressive Democrats and Republican's in Name Only (RINOs) in order to infiltrate the election system and gain more power in our state.

Don't buy into the Reclaim Idaho Initiative which in effect would help the opposition to our conservative platform choose our leaders and turn our state blue.

This is a popular ploy by progressive in conservative states. It would be akin to allowing the other team to choose our quarterback.

Kevin Roach, ACRCC State Committeeman Published in The Record Reporter

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