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Jim Jones's Scheme to Destroy Idaho

After losing an election where he publicly encouraged Democrats to quick switch parties and vote in the Republican primary, Jim Jones is upset the voters rejected his vision for Idaho. It’s been a long time since he’s been recognizable as a Republican, but his hostility for the populist wing of the party is such that he outright prefers Democrats. Raul Labrador’s overwhelming election as Attorney General, and the election of a few populist-leaning Republicans senators, apparently severed Jim Jones’s tenuous grasp on reality. His article last week screeches tiresomely about combatting the “extremist” right while insisting CRT doesn’t exist and could never get into our schools.

He’s got a plan though. His big solution is to disenfranchise the will of the voters who didn’t vote his way and pave the way for Democrats to win Idaho elections by pitting multiple Republicans against each other in a shady “ranked choice” voting scheme.

It's no surprise really. Jim Jones’s full throated support for ranked-choice voting comes from seeing its implementation in Alaska, where the 53% Republican state now elects Democrats who command just 43% of the vote. The RINO left’s favorite tactic of splitting the conservative vote is literally built in to “ranked choice” voting schemes.

Watch for big money to be poured into our state to scam Republicans out of the vote in the name of “combatting extremism.” Boy wouldn’t it be interesting to see who will be funding this scam.

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